How To Integrate Email With Search Marketing

Executive Sumary
Interactive marketers can ease into integrated marketing by starting small and coordinating the efforts of
two of the more established channels: email and search. This process requires simple changes to current
programs with little incremental cost and can set interactive marketers up for broader integration.

Begin Integrated Marketing With Email And Search
Integrated marketing has long been a goal of marketers. But it’s a good idea that rarely happens.1
Forrester believes that coordinating search with email — two of the most commonly used interactive
channels — can provide a simple, low-risk introduction to integrated marketing.

Why Integrate Email And Search?
Email and search make a good starting point for integrated marketing efforts because:
Most marketers a · lready use both channels. Email and search are two of the most used and most
effective interactive marketing tactics.3 For three years running, more than 90% of marketers use or
are planning to use these tools with no significant growth or decline in adoption.4
· Email and search are likely managed by close colleagues. More than half of interactive marketers
have nine or fewer people at their firms dedicated to interactive globally.5 This means that search and
email are often managed by the same person or by familiar colleagues allowing for easy co-planning.
· Coordinating efforts can improve the economics of both channels. Search marketing accounts
for 59% of the overall interactive budget due to keyword costs and program volumes.6 In contrast,
email is cheap: It makes up only about 5% of interactive marketing budgets, even though 97% of
marketers use it.7 Coordinating email with search may improve overall cost efficiencies.
· Synchronized messaging creates a consistent cross-channel experience. Reinforcing brand
messages across paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), and email improves brand recall
and purchase intent.8 Plus, observing user response to email and search campaigns in conjunction
will help marketers gain a more holistic view of their customers to aid measurement and future.

Set Up For Broader Integration
Lessons learned by tying together email and search will help interactive marketers eventually
integrate multiple channels and data sources. Prepare for this by:
· Measuring the lift from integrated campaigns. Step 1 here is to determine if integrating
email with search returns better results. You can determine this by first benchmarking
campaign performance for each channel separately. Then measure lift over this benchmark
from your conjoined email/search campaigns. You should find lift in three areas: 1) the volume,
value, and source of transactions — are customers buying more, more often, or are you
reaching new customers? 2) customer value — are customers staying loyal longer or feeling
more satisfied with your brand? and 3) efficiency — does it take less time or resources to
manage your email or search campaigns?
· Centralizing interactive measurement. To more easily measure lift as described above, we’d
encourage using a single dashboard for your email and search results. We’ve seen one retailer
build its own, populated with Web analytics, bid management, and email service provider
data. But search agencies like Performics, email vendors like ExactTarget, and analytics
firms like ClearSaleing will also support a single reporting interface for both their own and
nonnative data.
· Integrating with social next. We recommend layering social media onto your successfully
integrated email and search campaigns in order to create new opportunities for email list
growth and to extend campaign reach.10 Start small by adding social sharing links into your
email communications or promoting email registration within your company’s existing blog
or Facebook page.

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